Potter & Clay


A new album by Jaylene Johnson.


What happens when a pro songwriter converges at the point of faith, suffering and truth-telling? Potter & Clay is what happens. Jaylene has heartbreakingly and beautifully outdone herself at the meeting place of craftsmanship and the human journey. ”      — Alana Levandoski, contemplative songwriter

“Not too long ago my husband and I had a chance to listen to Potter & Clay on repeat as we road-tripped our way through the twisting mountain pass between Vernon and Vancouver. I don’t know if we could have had a more perfect soundtrack. Jaylene’s poetic, honest, winsome documentation of her own winding journey seemed to intersect perfectly with our own. There’s just so much truth-telling packed into the lyrics, melodies, vocals and arrangements here, I can’t imagine these 12 songs won’t be good companions on your own journey, too. You must get this album. Road trip optional,but highly recommended.”

– Carolyn Arends (singer/songwriter, author and Renovare Director of Education)



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