Produced by: Dave Zeglinski, Steve Bell & Murray Pulver
Released: September 15,2014 (Canada)
Released: October 1,2014 (International)

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Signpost Music is proud to commemorate Steve Bell’s notable 25 year solo music career, which has thus far produced 17 albums, three DVDs, and over 1,500 concerts across four continents.

Since there’s no better way to celebrate music than with music, we’ve put together this four disc set as both a retrospective, and an anticipation of milestones yet to come. Steve’s newest collection of songs, entitled Pilgrimage, touches on Lenten themes in his trademark story-telling fashion. Unadorned is a selection of all new “unplugged” recordings chosen by fans from Steve’s existing body of work. Good Company features Steve’s compositions as recorded by friends and colleagues whom he’s come to know along the way. Finally, Landscapes offers a beautiful, contemplative experience of select recordings without vocals.

We’ve also included a special stand alone book containing a biographical essay by John Stackhouse on Steve’s music and ministry, along with song lyrics and archival photos. Enjoy!

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