Songs & Sonnets – Malcolm Guite CD


A new album of songs & sonnets by Malcolm Guite. Produced by Roy Salmond of Whitewater Productions.

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  1. Singing Bowl 
  2. Saying The Names 
  3. Angels Unawares 
  4. Hospitality 
  5. My Poetry Is Jamming Your Machine 
  6. Cloud Hidden 
  7. The Seven I AM Sayings 
  8. Eyrie 
  9. Annunciation 
  10. The Sun Beat Me To The Day 
  11. What If 
  12. Five Dialogues On The Two Great Commandments 
  13. The Green Man 
  14. The Naming of Jesus 
  15. Descent 
  16. Smoke Rings From My Pipe 
  17. Pour Out The Wine 


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